RunAClub Evolution

Logo with straplineWhen I set up and ran a youth club with 20 volunteers and 50 members twelve years ago, I never dreamt that it would lead to supporting not just 50, but almost 40,000 members of clubs all these years later.

Because that was what RunAClub was designed to do – solve the problems for leaders like me who were feeling swamped by admin and red tape.  Now our team and the evolving digital platform has supported 280,000 community group or club sessions – that’s a heck of a lot of positive activity – whether you are a youth club, sports group, health or arts based, or just taking part in a hobby, everyone has red tape they need to follow.  

Before too long, we are going to run a new marketing and fundraising campaign – probably at the start of September – to tie in with some exciting news that will be coming soon.  We are incredibly affordable but I am fully aware of many groups that could really do with the extra support but can’t afford to do so.  We also want to continue to spread the excellent RunAClub name wherever we can so we can continue to widen our reach and build even more amazing support.  You and the team at RunAClub are a formidable combination – and are leading the way in changing the way that communities think and operate.


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